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Art & Literature

          Judy Blume
     Digital Media
          13 Guys Named Ed Podcast
          Google Wave

          Animal Farm
          Atlas Shrugged
          Stephen King Novels
          10 Best Picture Academy Awards
          British Humour
          Inglorius Bastards
          The Golden Globes
          The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
          The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
          The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
          Up in the Air
     General Art & Literature
          Peer to Peer File Sharing
          Beethoven's 9th symphony
          Blue Man Group
          Star Wars in Concert


     General Business
          Apple, Inc.
          Google's stand against China
          Microsoft's Ad Campaign
          Wall Street Bonuses

Celebrity & Pop Culture

     Language & Lingo
          The term douchebag in every day speech
          2012 (the Movie)
          A Christmas Story
          Avatar: The Movie
          Lady Gaga
     Public Figures
          Elton John
          Joss Whedon
          Buffy the Vampire Slayer
          Monty Python
          Reality TV
          The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Consumer Goods

     Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms
          Premium Gasoline
          Android Phones
          Bluetooth Headsets
          Hi-Def Television
          Movies and TV in 3D
          Nintendo Wii
     Food & Drink
          Bacon Jam
          Bottled water
          Coke Zero
          Genetically Modified Foods
          Goat Cheese
     General Consumer Goods
          Fountain Pens

Current Events

     General Current Events
          A Global Climate Treaty
          The United States needs to devise a better strategy for dealing with terrorists
          Balloon Boy Family
          TSA Passenger Screening Manual Leak

General Subjects

     General General Subjects
          Graduate School
          High School Reunion
          Conservatism and liberalism are not just differences of opinion, but different ways of thought processing.
          Søren Kierkegaard

Government & Politics

     General Government & Politics
          bp pays for oil spill
          How we treat the Guantanamo Bay detainees.
          The Prison System
          The War on Drugs
          Domestic Violence Organizational Policy
          Green Party (U.S.)
          Full Body Scanners in Airports
          H.R. 3962
          Iran should be prohibited from developing uranium enrichment technology.
          Motorcycle Helmet Laws
          Obama's Afganistan Strategy
          Offshore Drilling for oil and natural gas
          Personal Bankruptcy
          Physician-assisted Suicide
          Seatbelt Laws
          Seatbelt Laws
          Should the government allow the expansion of the role of Nuclear Power in the United States
          The Legalization of Marijuana
          We Should Legalize Prostitution
     Public Figures
          Admit it Liberals. Sara Palin is a smart women. You don't like her, and you are just afraid of her.
          Joe Biden
          President Barack Obama
          Richard "Dick" Cheney
          Sarah Palin


     Alternative Medicines
          Neti Pots
          Trader Joe's
          Waffle House
          Animal Rights
          Same Sex Marriage
          The Death Penalty
     General Lifestyle
          i heard that can get you a job faster than
     Health & Fitness
          Breast Implants
          Cochlear implants
          H1N1 Vaccine
          Medicinal Marijuana
          Cloth Diapers
          Dress Codes in Schools
          Free Condoms in High Schools
          Home Schooling
          Plastic Baby Bottles
          School Uniforms
          Unmedicated Child Birth
          Is Atheism a Religion?
          Is there a "war on Christmas" in this country?
          Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


     General Miscellaneous
          Ambiguous Bathroom Signage
          An army of Zombies & an army of Vampires VS. an army of Ditkas?
          Community Colleges
          i heard is a better domain marketplace than
          Is Barbie a good role model?
          Jack's new car
          Making the Bed
          Peeing while sitting down
          People should be able to sell themselves into slavery
          people that are out in the sun more and happier people
          porn should be illegal
          porn should be illegal
          President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize
          Reading books or watching TV?
          Rule 34
          Should we let war criminals stand trial in our country?
          The Categories of ArgueHow
          The Courtesy Flush
          The term "slut" in everyday speech.
          What are some of the obstacles for jobseekers to find new employment efficiently ?
          Zombies are scarier than vampires

Science & Technology

          Microsoft Windows 7
          Net Neutrality
          Ruby on Rails
          The Apple iPad
          Windows 7
          Global Warming
     General Science & Technology
          Cold Fusion
          Google's Information Domination
          Human Cloning
          Intelligent design
          Large Hadron Collider
          Canon Digital SLRs
          Nikon Digital SLRs

Sports & Games

          World Series of Poker
          Rock, Paper, Scissors
     General Sports & Games
          College Football
          The Winter Olympics
     Professional Sports
          Bears 09-10 Season
          The Bears
     Public Figures
          Tiger Woods
     Video Games
          Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
          Dragon Age: Origins
          Quake Live
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