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Government & Politics

General Government & Politics
     The Prison System
     The War on Drugs
     bp pays for oil spill
     How we treat the Guantanamo Bay detainees.

     Green Party (U.S.)
     Domestic Violence Organizational Policy

     H.R. 3962
     The Legalization of Marijuana
     Iran should be prohibited from developing uranium enrichment technology.
     Seatbelt Laws
     Seatbelt Laws
     Motorcycle Helmet Laws
     Personal Bankruptcy
     Obama's Afganistan Strategy
     Full Body Scanners in Airports
     Physician-assisted Suicide
     Offshore Drilling for oil and natural gas
     Should the government allow the expansion of the role of Nuclear Power in the United States
     We Should Legalize Prostitution

Public Figures
     President Barack Obama
     Sarah Palin
     Joe Biden
     Richard "Dick" Cheney
     Admit it Liberals. Sara Palin is a smart women. You don't like her, and you are just afraid of her.
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