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Microsoft's Ad Campaign

Do you think Microsoft is a media savvy software firm or an out of touch monopoly?

started by JackCNewell on 11/22/09.

Microsoft's Ad Campaign
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I think the commercials with the cute little Asian girl are cute, the cat in the marshmallows are my favorite.

by blaiselukasiewicz (55.94) on 12/1/09.


Generally, ads for Microsoft seems like the fevered dreams of a recovering heroin addict. They rarely make sense; they rarely adhere to a singular, coherent theme; they often think of themselves as outlandishly clever; and they often leave the viewer waiting for a message or a punchline that never arrives.

by Katzwinkel (69.39) on 11/22/09.


Regularly lacks any significant or redeeming value. Imagine if they bothered to actually inform the viewing public, or recommended some useful information as to why, how, or when to use their products? I'm reminded of the days of Ma Bell ("the phone company") back before it splintered into lots and lots of companies (many of which reaggregated, but that's another issue). There were hardly EVER any ads by "the phone company". If there were some, they usually showed how they were improving technology, usefulness, or reliability.

MS should think about that. They have such a large share of their market(s)... they don't need to be so smarmy. With all their brainpower and capital, they should be capable of so much more.

by spazol (74) on 12/11/09.


Microsoft's Ad Campaign
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