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started by drmusic45 on 11/25/09.

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It has a low initial investment (ball, people, open area) and it's great for team building (assuming you're not one of the ones who's always picked last). Additionally, it teaches self-control and responsibility, because if you kick the ball out of the park, YOU have to go get it. AND you're Out. Jerk.

by drmusic45 (60.2) on 11/25/09.


Kicking the ball only requires thinking about two dimensions, versus the three dimensions involved with slugging a baseball or softball, making the game more enjoyable to the less-athletically inclined.

by froggerus (55.06) on 11/27/09.


While in kindergarten I loved duck-duck-goose; however, once I mastered the whole run-in-a-circle thing I moved on to bigger and better games. Kickball is similar in that it teaches a few skills, but for grown-ups it’s a limited experience. The limited experience is evidenced in the lack of great plays or players. Who is the Michael Jordan, the Babe Ruth, or the Pelé of Kickball? There hasn’t been one because there can never be “great” Kickball players. The low athletic requirements to play Kickball, combined with the self-limiting rules of the game, mean that practically everybody can be a Kickball master. Therefore, adults who celebrate Kickball are simply celebrating mediocrity.

by Mr. Huge (56.99) on 11/27/09.


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