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Dragon Age: Origins

started by drmusic45 on 11/25/09.

Dragon Age: Origins
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While some may decry the story for not being original enough, the execution of the story was far more interesting. I gave lots of thought to every conversation decision I made, as I believed it had a serious impact on the rest of the game. I believe Bioware executed the story very well, better than most games of its ilk do.

by drmusic45 (60.2) on 11/25/09.


Even on normal difficulty, the game can get mercilessly difficult. Your group of four is constantly outnumbered and outgunned, and God help you if you're going up against a mage with a fireball spell. It forces you to think about your group dynamic constantly, but more importantly, it can sometimes make you regret your character choice.

by drmusic45 (60.2) on 11/29/09.


Dragon Age: Origins
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