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The term "slut" in everyday speech.

started by Krista17 on 12/4/09.

The term "slut" in everyday speech.
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To automatically assume that the term "slut" is derogatory is failure to explore the word to its full potential. A slut is commonly defined as a woman who has a bunch of sex with a bunch of dudes all the time. As a dude, I am pro-slut all the way. I, personally, have no moral preconceptions as to how much sex a person ought or oughtn't have. I strive to have as much sex as I can as often as I can, and I invite everybody to enjoy the same freedom. Slut Pride not only promotes equality, but increases my odds of success.

What is the male version of the term slut? Stud.

Go sluts!

by Katzwinkel (69.39) on 12/5/09.


This term is misogynistic in nature. There is no similar term that is quite as DEROGATORY for a promiscuous man. The word reflects and reinforces a moral double standard against women regarding promiscuity. Granted, I'm not for promiscuity for either gender, but the moral double standard for women is not justified. It only serves to give men more leeway and women more boundaries, something our slightly misogynistic culture doesn't question. Some say the term is justified because "women can get pregnant" but I do not believe that is the reason why people hold that double standard. If a woman were born without a uterus people would still call her a "slut" for sleeping around a lot. Nobody says, "She's a slut! Oh, she's on birth control AND uses condoms? Well then she's less of a slut."

by Krista17 (78) on 12/4/09.



My assumption that the word "slut" is derogatory is totally accurate. *You* may be in favor of promiscuous women (btw I totally applaud that you have no moral preconceptions about how much sex people should have!) but that does not change the widely known negative connotation of the word in this culture. If you say "slut" is not derogatory, just try complimenting the next woman you meet by telling her, "Hey gorgeous, you look like a slut." If everyone thought like you, it would NOT be derogatory and the double standard would vanish.

by Krista17 (78) on 12/8/09.


I'm against it. But, think of what would offend our mothers 30 years ago. More and more of the offensive gets pulled into the mainstream. If you get stressed about this, you will have ongoing stress as our culture liberalizes every day. My Grandmother thought you should say "behind" instead of "butt." And she was stressed about every new, edgy word or phrase that entered our common cultural vernacular (ass, junk in the trunk, Playa, Bitch, Cornhole, Mr. Teeters). It's going to happen. You're not saying no to profanity, you're just saying no to profanity you don't use.

by Roland (50) on 5/9/10.


I too agree that this word is extreamly derogatory. If you were to go and listen after a weekend in a highschool, you will understand this more. For the guys it is a hi-five, way to go if they slept around, whereas with a girl, it is "what a slut!"

by BeBe08 (48.98) on 1/30/10.


The term "slut" in everyday speech.
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