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The Categories of ArgueHow

What is superfluous? What have we missed?

started by Katzwinkel on 12/7/09.

The Categories of ArgueHow
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I'm FOR having an indented debate column to go along with any given argument so people can debate a specific part of that point without having to make a separate argument. This way a person can tell why they crudded another's argument, and the original poster has the option of restating or clarifying their argument.

by froggerus (55.06) on 12/8/09.


You're doing it wrong!

None of the things y'all are chattering about are categories.

By categories, I mean the... uh... categories under which topics go. For example:
Consumer Goids > Electronics
Lifestyle > Parenting
Science & Technology > Photography

There is a dropdown menu under +add a topic. Is it sufficient?

by Katzwinkel (69.39) on 12/9/09.


Not necessarily against, but under the heading of "What have we missed?" Users that create categories which spawn in-depth, long debates should receive cred. Users that create categories that flop should receive crudding.

by otm_shank (54.55) on 12/8/09.


The Categories of ArgueHow
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