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Breast Implants

started by dogooder on 12/8/09.

Breast Implants
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There is nothing inherently wrong with breast implants or breast augmentation. If breast implants make a woman feel better about herself, more comfortable with her body image and sexuality, why should people condemn her? Breast implants are also commonly used in post mastectomy breast reconstruction. Many of the medical side effects seen with the old silicone implants have been resolved in later generations of breast implants, and the most recent silicone implants designs have significant improvements in safety, with lower potential for rupture.

by Mr. Huge (56.99) on 12/9/09.


1.) Small-breasted women are still beautiful and tons of guys think so
2.) The look of large melons on a thin frame is an artificial image created by Hollywood that women have internalized as "normal" or "beautiful."
3.) Many artificial breast (and scars) look odd, too round and hard thus defeating the purpose of achieving that feminine beauty
4.) All surgeries carry serious risks like infection
5.) With push-up bra technology today, women can achieve the same well-endowed look (albeit clothed)

by Krista17 (78) on 12/8/09.


"I find it offensive. Au naturale baby. That’s how I like em. Swing low, sweet chariots." - Creed Bratton

by otm_shank (54.55) on 12/10/09.


Breast Implants
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