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A Global Climate Treaty

Do we need Global laws to curb green house gas emissions, or is this the dangerous first step in an over reaching global agency?

started by JackCNewell on 12/11/09.

A Global Climate Treaty
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As science advances, two effects will become evident: how humans can change the world and how humans have changed the world. The potential of humans' effect grows day by day, and an agency that is responible for monitoring the detriments of advancement may be important to the survival of the planet. Worst case scenario of a global watch dog? Minor annoyance. Worst case scenario of a lack of a global watch dog? Global catastrophe.

Hyperbolic? Yes. Beyond consideration? No.

by Katzwinkel (69.39) on 12/14/09.


I agree that everyone should be more environmentally "friendly" but the workability of a global treaty is sadly laughable for the simple fact that in no time in history has the world as a whole agreed on anything and thats what we would need for this treaty to work globally is for every country big and small to work together and let's face it we as humans think of ourselves and those we care about and no one.

by ShinyCrazy (51.02) on 5/19/10.


A Global Climate Treaty
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