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Is there a "war on Christmas" in this country?

War on Christmas

started by Krista17 on 12/16/09.

Is there a "war on Christmas" in this country?
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When religious, traditional, or cultural expressions are handled with a "zero tolerance" approach, even in the name of equality, everybody loses. Too many times have I seen genuine enthusiasm and joy squelched through the use of "Happy [insert generic temporal celebration here]!"

Rather than the "zero tolerance" approach, everybody would be better served through an "all inclusive" approach. There is so much focus on including everybody, that we're excluding everybody.

Merry Today.

by Katzwinkel (69.39) on 12/16/09.


I do not believe Bill O'Reilly's claims that there is a "war on Christmas" in this country. There are not enough examples of so-called attacks to constitute a figurative war.
1.) Saying "happy holidays" to be inclusive is not attacking Christmas.
2.) Public schools and other places not hosting nativity scenes is not attacking Christmas, merely preserving the separation of church and state
3.) Stores displyaing "happy holidays" banners instead of "merry christmas" banners reflects the business's attempt to include every customer, which is very smart from a business pov. It is not a manifestation of an underground attempt to dismantle our beloved Christmas tradition.

by Krista17 (78) on 12/16/09.


There is no "war on Christmas," whatever that even means, any more than there was a war on farming during the industrial revolution. What is happening is that the dominant culture is changing, as it always does, and there are always people who react to change with hostility. This phenomenon exists entirely in the minds of those unhappy with the way the culture is changing; it's a perceived attack perpetrated by no one in particular.

by DClary (65.15) on 12/18/09.


Christmas in its various forms has been around for centuries. This current incarnation is only a manifestation of the current culture.
A war is a conflict of interest ...and (this is meant with sarcasm) that sounds like many family gatherings at any holiday!
Seriously, there will always be a core group with the genuine belief that our culture needs to be readjusted to their way of thinking. Unless, Christmas is outright banned, there is no actual war.
Everyone is entitled to their point of view.

by Buscia (65.31) on 12/20/09.


Is there a "war on Christmas" in this country?
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