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Richard "Dick" Cheney

One of them most powerful Vice Presidents and a long time Republican voice. Yet, some people think he's a douchebag - discuss.

started by JackCNewell on 1/6/10.

Richard "Dick" Cheney
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From what I know of the man, he is not afraid to say precisely what he believes and has yet to be caught in a waffle, a flip-flop or a gaffe (unless you count the hunting incident and the DC Madam, but those weren't really political maneuvers). His words are concrete and there is no doubt as to where he stands. Whether or not you agree with the things he says, there is something to admire in an old politician who doesn't dance around trying to look good.

by Katzwinkel (69.39) on 1/6/10.


Cheney is the master of talking big from a distance. Five deferments himself, yet the fastest to pull up the grunts and the weekend warrior reservists for the front line.

by otm_shank (54.55) on 1/6/10.


Richard "Dick" Cheney
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