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People should be able to sell themselves into slavery

If people can give freely forfeit their other inalienable rights (i.e. life and the pursuit of happiness) then why not liberty?

started by egorz13 on 1/28/10.

People should be able to sell themselves into slavery
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Before I can even begin to argue about this...I want to know a few things...
1) How did this idea come about?
2) Is this actually a reality somewhere?
3) Is this slavery for a person's entire life?
4) Do you have to be an adult?
5) If you are a slave you have no rights, so what prevents your owner from "subcontracting" to another person?
6) What about a medical crisis?

by Buscia (65.31) on 2/10/10.


People might have the right to sell themselves into slavery if owning a slave was legal. As it stands, would-be slaves have no buyers. Nonetheless, the suggestion that 'the opposite of liberty is slavery' is like saying 'the opposite of enjoying cake is somebody else enjoying cake'.

People have all manner of methods to give up their liberty. Chain yourself up in your basement. Become a monk. Break a law. Move to a country run by an oppressive regime. Offer yourself up to human trafficking. Take a meandering stroll in Brazil.

by Katzwinkel (69.39) on 2/17/10.


People should be able to sell themselves into slavery
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