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The Winter Olympics

International spectacle or exhibition of weird wintery skills with no purpose?

started by elwoodlaw on 2/24/10.

The Winter Olympics
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It allows me to watch new and interesting sports that I ordinarily would not be able to see. I find it fascinating.

by otm_shank (54.55) on 2/25/10.


Although the Olympics, like everything else has become a fodder for commercialism, it is still a wonderful spectacle of talent and athletic ability. It does have that 'winner of the moment' but isn't that the reality of everyday life?
I always love those that come to the Olympics with no expectations of winning, they are just there for the joy of participation in a world wide event. How about the women figure skater from Turkey...she is the lone figure skater at her level in her home country...remember the Jamaican bobsled team or the English skier Eddy the Eagle? Those are the heart and soul of the Olympics not the pampered "stars".

It may be slightly hokey, watching the athletes march in at the opening ceremonies but it is a wonderful spectacle of world wide harmony. For once everyone is a friend to all and people from all across the globe have come together in peace. It all most makes you want to believe the words to "We are the World"

by Buscia (65.31) on 3/5/10.


It is a wholley unrealistic representation of excellence and awe. What do you think of the tenth place Speed Skater? Would you eat the cereal he endorses? Hell no. He's a failure. He's only the tenth greatest Speed Skater on the planet. He's an asshole.

The Olympics celebrates sponsorship potential and random 'winner of the moment' popularity. Subject Olympiads to a chess-style ladder system throughout the course of their careers, and we would probably experience some very different (and boring) results.

by Katzwinkel (69.39) on 2/26/10.


The Winter Olympics
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