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Is it worth participating in community recycling programs?

started by juszczak on 11/12/09.

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I used to complain that Michigan made you pay a deposit on every bottle you purchased, but if it makes you bring the bottles back to the store I'm all for. I do think, however, that there should be better instructions for what goes where. We recycle in our building, but I'm often faced with some choices about which container should go where. A milk carton? It's kind of paper, but it's coated with wax. What about those half-paper, half-plastic containers? Penn & Teller had a Bullshit episode about recycling, talking about how it's a waste of time and how the energy used to recycle a product is greater than the energy used to make a new product; but what about the land fills? What about the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch? I think people should create less garbage when possible, by bringing their own bags to the grocery store for instance, and recycle the garbage they do create.

by froggerus (55.06) on 11/22/09.


there is more to recycling than just dropping things into recycling bins.
Look creatively at the items you are about to throw away. I just used an old bed sheet for a draft stopper. Old plates are under plant pots. Worn out t-shirts can become dust rags. Plastic bags can be donated to your local food pantry or resale shop. Donate magazines to your local nursing home or library. Of course donating clothing and buying clothing at resale shops is sort of a form of recycling.
If you can start a compost heap.
Old worn towels can be cut done into dish clothes.
If you think about it,I am sure that you can come up with many more ideas.

by Buscia (65.31) on 12/9/09.


Should be required for almost all homes and businesses -- especially restaurants and other firms that have a lot of usage of containers and material.

by spazol (74) on 11/12/09.


Shouldn't be mandatory. Rather, the recycling agent should pay people for their recyclable material. I think that would invite more participation. It's a win for everybody.

by egorz13 (63.54) on 11/13/09.


It's never exactly clear what is acceptable to put in your neighborhood recycling bin. They should accept anything with a recycle symbol on it, but in many cases this is not so.

by FuzzyMemories.TV (56.79) on 11/12/09.


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